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International Security Association - ISA
Private Security Industry & Law Enforcement around the world
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Today Cybercrime is targeting all of us. If you are not already a victim, you have many possibilities to be a victim very soon.
Join the international movement of CCVU against cybercrime.

ISA founded since the year 1972 to connect unofficially law enforcement, as a private network. Today is a non-profit association with the main mission the upgrade of all lawful forces around the world.

The world is changing every single day. This is the result of the human nature.
This is the result of the human progress.
Unfortunately, crime also changing. Every single day we face a new method/type of crime.
Crimes that 20 years ago was projected only in films, today is a daily practice.
Terror attacks and other terrible crimes that in the past happened only in hostile areas/war zones, today are taking place in our city.
The type of crime now is changed. Governmental authorities hesitating to provide more responsibilities to the private security industry, something which is very good for the criminals.
Law Enforcement will never have enough budget and enough officers to enforce the law the time is needed the most.
The time that a serious crime is about to take place.
Governmental authorities of many countries, still keep the private security industry away from the law enforcement, even if security officers they enforcing security in areas that is possible a serious crime to take place.
We saw many YouTube videos with terrorist attacks in malls and commercial centers. Security officers were there, but not the Police. This is nothing bad for the police, as police provide their valuable services in many other areas and mainly in the public areas.
But do we need police to be everywhere?
Yes, we do. Is it possible this to happen? Not it is NOT possible.
But the security officers are there and they aren't able to stop the crime. Why? Because their role as this is enforced by the existing laws, is "a human alarm system". Nothing more than an intelligent alarm system, with the only duty to call the police.
But until the police arrive, how many people can die by a gunner who decided to "make a point" by spreading death to our wives and children?
Who is responsible for the weakness of the private security industry to provide services that will make the law enforcement more efficient?
Not many countries decided to give serious responsibilities to the security officers.
But even in the countries who did that, they did it in a proper way?
By arming all security officers we resolve the problem? Or we create new problems even more serious?
Our perspective is that first, we must decide that private security industry MUST assist the public safety (even inside the areas/infrastructures of their responsibility), then we need to educate them, to test them, and then to arm them with laws first and legal responsibilities as persons and then to arm them with guns. This is a very big issue, that needs a very big attention and if we aren't able to do it properly, we mustn't touch gun's issue it at all.

This is the point of view, we are working and we are open for international cooperations, in order the private security industry to assist crime-stopping by providing more efficient security services, especially to private areas which are open to the public, like Malls, Theaters, Recreation Areas, etc.

Do you want to be an ISA Member?

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About ISA

We are an officially registered Swiss non-profit Association.
According to our practice and to our constitution, we are a scientific association with main mission to support the research and the science in the field of security and safety.

ISA receives knowledge from its Researchers and Scientists around the world, we infiltrate it and we provide it back to our members around the world, via seminars, conferences and meetings.
We provide more than 5 levels of knowledge on each topic.
We teach them that, what it makes the difference and makes us be the most famous in the world, is the skills we provide in and out of our classrooms and training "arenas".
This we can do it, as our main subject it is NOT the financial profit. Financially we must cover our expenses ONLY and every possible profit we use it to pay the expenses of our free of charge seminars and our other activities.
Our income it is controlled by the Swiss Authorities, protecting like this the public from fake "non-profit" Organisations.
We suggest to our members to get all our free of charge or low-cost seminars that provided by ISA, by its wings or by its official partners and they can use our seminars as the base for further education, which is provided by ISO-SEC in discounted prices for all ISA members, or members of ISA's wings like WBA, UFERSO & CCVU.
We obtained an official agreement with ISO-SEC for low-cost seminars in specific countries, like in Portugal, Greece, and Switzerland and also we are initiating our free programs in many African countries, especially in countries with high criminality and with terrorism conflicts.
We also obtained official cooperations like with ISA Serbia and IIPS of Nigeria and more, keeping under the same track our nature which is the contribution in research, in science and in the development, together with these valuable partners.

In order to understand more about ISA, please click here and read all FAQ.

Be an ISA Researcher

Our power is our members, but our updated knowledge comes from our Researchers.
So many excellent professionals around the world, with so many wonderful things to offer to our society.
ISA calls all serious professionals to be ISA Researchers and send their papers, research, experience or opinion to us for evaluation and publishment.
The knowledge isn't something that we must carry it alone. You must share it. This is the only way all of us to be better professionals, more efficient and to help people staying safe.
Is a great honor to obtain the title of ISA Researcher. Not only because of ISA's reputation but because is a proof that your vision is common with ISA's and it's nothing less than to deliver a better world to the future generations.
This is an open call for all our members, that we strongly recommend all attend, especially those they operating in:
  • Security (Public Security/Safety, National Security, Private Security, IT Security, etc.),
  • Law Enforcement (all)
  • Justice
  • Military
  • Social Services/Public Health
  • Etc.

In order to provide you more information, about how to apply and together with you to decide about the topics you can deal, please click here and send us a message.

ISA Researchers are volunteers and not paid professionals.


Working days and hours (time zone of Switzerland): +

  • Calls may be recorded and traced back for security reasons
  • Calls from callers with hidden number will not be answered (if your long-distance call it isnt answered, probably you called non-working hours and days, or to our end your number is "private". We don't answer calls with no number. In such a case, send us a message, by clicking the envelope icon below)

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